Cisco Flip Mino HD video camcorder contest

Flip Mino HD camcorder contest

Win an ultra cool, ultra compact Cisco Flip MinoHD camcorder!

Are you the type of person who never wins anything? Then this contest is for you. Your chances currently are 1 in 70!

How do you enter? All you have to do is subscribe to this blog and put up with my daily rambling. To do this, just scroll down and find the “Follow Me” frame on the right, input your email address and subscribe to email updates. Those who subscribe to email updates will get a daily email which will contain the blog posts from the previous day and no matter how much I ramble, you should only receive one email.

What if you don’t want my junk in your inbox? Welllll, you could optionally email me and I will then add you to our spam list, uhmmm I mean our “Secure IT Alerts” list, where we send out important security bulletins in email usually no more than twice a month, or whenever major updates and/or vulnerabilities are announced.

Some silly rules: This contest is open to everyone where contests are legal in the USA. There are no age limitations, except where limited by law. You are expected to subscribe from only one email address, not 50…  Those who are subscribed multiple times will be disqualified. Employees of Homeland Secure IT, LLC should be disqualified, but they are not, nor are their children or spouses. If *I* am selected, I will run the selection again – see below… The winner can pick up the camera at our office in Greenville, SC during normal business hours, otherwise it will be packaged and shipped out via UPS or US Postal Service.

How will the winner be selected? Each user who enters will be assigned a number, the first subscriber to the blog is #1 (That’s me), the last one to subscribe before the contest date is up will get the final number. Those in the “Secure IT Alerts” mailing list e added assigned the next numbers up from subscribers of the blog.  I will then run a random number generator to pick a number between 1 and xxxx and then notify the corresponding person via email and post to the blog.

Sounds simple right? I hope so. So subscribe and may the force be with you.  Winner will be selected on June 1st 2010.  In the event the winner does not respond within 7 days, I’ll re-run the selection process and try again!

Good luck!

Thanks to the Cisco “Human Network” brickfish contest for providing us with this camera. I would have just kept it, but I already have one of these great Cisco Flip MinoHD cameras, and since you guys helped us win it by voting for Homeland Secure IT and making us the “Most Viral” entry, it is only right that one of you get it!

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    1. Hahaha you are one of like a dozen who subscribe, and one of maybe 70 on the mailing list. Pretty good odds at this point!!!

      Good luck,


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  2. I also work in IT at a small school called Greenville Tech 🙂 (Just kidding, the College of 291 is what I meant to say)

  3. Kathryn, the odds are certainly in your favor… You are only against 122 other people! I can see you using it in your new business!
    Good luck to you… Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend…

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