Greenville and Upstate Businesses Appear to be Thriving in 2010

Business is good in the upstate and Greenville, SC

Business is good in the Upstate & Greenville SC!

Today while I was stopping in and visiting some businesses, I took a few minutes to talk with them about how 2010 was treating them, and without exception, they all were enthusiastic about the year and what it had already brought them.

One place was a building supply who said that due to the recent storms and the hail that accompanied them, their business has been through the roof (pun intended) with sales of shingles and roofing materials. They also indicated that the building industry in general was doing better than 2009. This business is a locally owned part of a national franchise.

The next stop was at a national propane vendor, and they said that the winter of 2009/2010 was “unseasonably cool”, and therefore they were doing well, even though their major season for sales of gas had drawn to a close. I guess they are now starting to see some sales of gas grills, and the gas for them. (I can’t help but think about Hank Hill who sells “Propane and Propane Accessories” when I talk about propane).

I then visited a heating and air company who is a local upstate owned and operated business. I was told by them that business was good due to the “unseasonably warm” spring we have had. They were quite positive and felt 2010 was really looking up.

I find it very interesting that of the first 3 businesses that I spoke with, all of them were talking about the weather as a contributing factor. Maybe this “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” is good for business!

Seriously though, across the board, everyone I have spoken with recently has been very positive about their business and the outlook for the rest of 2010. We can only hope this will be the case and that this trend will continue. Keep your head up!

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  1. Just a follow-up… Spoke with other businesses who also said the same things… Business was good and looking up! If that’s not encouraging, I don’t know what is!

  2. Someone just asked about our business… Homeland Secure IT is doing great! Considering we opened our doors in 2009, and the economy was in bad shape so there was nowhere to go but up! We have set goals for each quarter, and we have been able to meet those.
    Since we focus on computer / network service, support and sales to businesses, the health of the Upstate economy directly affects us. Fortunately the businesses we provide support to are doing better in 2010 and are not scaling back on IT support. Actually, we are seeing a trend where businesses are updating their network infrastructure!

    How is your business doing? Hit the reply button, email me or call me… I would love to hear your story!

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