Security cameras for your home or business can bring peace of mind and save you money!

Front of House Security Camera

Beat the criminals with a security camera for your home or business

The attached picture was taken a few moments ago from a network security camera at my home. Anytime there is motion within that camera’s field of vision, it will alert me via email, immediately (I receive it on my blackberry). The driveway is covered with this camera, the front yard with another, the full driveway and sidewalk with another, and yet another keeps an eye on the rear of the house.

This provides me with a simple means of seeing every path that someone could/would use to get to my home and alerting me to the activity. They also record audio, and time-stamp the images and record full motion to a digital video recorder (DVR). It is almost like being there! Most of the time when someone approaches our home I get the notification that they are there before they even make it to the door!

Will it stop a criminal? No way. A real criminal would not care that our house was under constant video surveillance, nor would they care about the ADT alarm system with cellular backup. But what it does do is to give me peace of mind, knowing when UPS or FedEx drops off a package, or when someone pulls into our driveway.

What can a security camera system do for you? For starters, if you run a business, it can help with loss prevention, just the mere presence of video cameras can deter some would-be thieves. And in the event something actually occurs, you can possibly use the video to help prosecute the offenders.

One person I know beat a liability claim that was going to be lodged against them by showing what REALLY happened.

We use them at our office for peace of mind, a deterrent and for a reduction in insurance premiums.

You may have remote areas of your business that you want to monitor so you know that your workers are actually working, or that they are working safely and that inventory is not walking out the door.

Home owners may want to keep an eye on a swimming pool or play area and view the cameras with their iPhone or while away at work.

Whatever the reason, there is a perfect system to suit your requirements. Call us today at 864-990-4748 for a free evaluation of your Greenville / Upstate security & surveillance camera needs.

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