The next time you call for tech support you may find yourself talking to a prisoner

tech support prisoners

Will your next tech support call be to a person in prison?

When I read the article about one company farming out their data entry work to an Indian prison where prisoners will be handling financial records while using computers, it made me shudder. Not only do we have prisoners handling financials, but they are using computers to do so, making it all the more easy for them to send that data off to someone outside the prison.

Now that we have gone there, how long until a computer company outsources their tech support to a prison? I say it is not too far off. So, next month, or next year, instead of calling HP and finding yourself talking to a person with poor English and a terrible grasp of your problem, you may be talking to some rapist, murderer, or a white collar criminal, who make take control of your computer from behind bars and attempt to help you. Oh it is not a reality now (that I know of), but how far into the future before it does happen?

I’ve never been a fan of IT outsourcing for many reasons, but we see it happening more and more. Almost every large computer manufacturer uses outsourced tech support. It may be time to reconsider who you purchase your computer from. Instead of saving 100 dollars and getting a mass-manufactured PC, you may wish to consider purchasing a PC from a US manufacturer who has US based tech support. One line of computers which we sell is assembled right here in America, using top of the line Intel motherboards and processors, and when you call for tech support, you get someone who knows their products top to bottom and speaks English. Of course, if you purchase one of these computers from Homeland Secure IT, we will handle the repairs for you, as the parts are covered 100% for 3 years.

Ask us for more information and how these machines stack up against HP, Dell, etc. They are not cheap by any means, but remember, you get what you pay  for…

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