Who says school is boring? My son’s current project is to design and build a Rube Goldbergesque machine!

I haven’t been well due to that car accident on the 7th, in fact, today is the first day I could really do much in the way of work, so I am pretty happy. This trend should continue until I am hopefully back to normal (some of you will not believe it, but I am kinda normal)…

Brett has a high school project that is due soon which must incorperate several things such as levers, incline, etc, in a silly manner and the end result is to knock over a marker. Of course, this has my little mind going 90 to nothing due to the fact that I kind of think in abstract ways anyway.

This has nothing to do with Homeland Secure IT, computer service, computer repair or anything at all to do with computers, or business, but I do think that is a neat thing to do in school. I will post more information as it the project nears completion.

Until then, thank you for your patience while I recover, and to those who sent cards, emails, direct messages, facebook messages, and phone calls… Thank you very much!

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