And the winner of the Cisco Flip MinoHD camera giveaway at Homeland Secure IT is…

And the Winner of the Cisco Flip MinoHD camcorder is

And the Winner of the Cisco Flip MinoHD camcorder is

Now for the moment you have been waiting for…   Drum roll please…..

Well first I will explain what we were doing for those who don’t have a clue.

A few months ago, Homeland Secure IT entered a contest on Brickfish.com that was put on by Cisco…  It was called “Heros of the Human Network”, which had businesses and organizations put up a reason why they should win something from Cisco. We entered, and then posted that we had entered on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and a few websites… We asked that everyone go vote for us, and they did.  Not only did they vote, they reposted our request, and though we didn’t win the 5 thousand dollars from Cisco, we won a Cisco Flip MinoHD  camcorder!!!!

We decided that since we already have a Flip, we would give it away to the same people who had supported us and helped us win it!

These are cool little cameras. Full 720p digital camcorder that you can slip in your pocket with built-in software to allow you to make quick edits and upload to your favorite site like YouTube.com. I have a lot of fun with mine, and the winner will also have fun with theirs I am sure!

To determine a winner, I took the list of people who are on our mailing list, and those who subscribe to this blog, and ran a random number generator to pick a number that corresponded to the list of subscribers. 15 was the lucky number!

Andrea Bennett was lucky number 15 and she has been notified via email.  Should Andrea not respond, we will just give it to someone else, but my money is on a quick response from her!

Thank you to everyone for playing along in our little game! Who knows, maybe we can do it again sometime soon!!!!   Have a great week…

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  1. Thank you to everyone for playing along! That was fun!
    Andrea picked up her camera and is probably already enjoying it!

    I hope we can do something special soon, like maybe a netbook giveaway?!??!

    To anyone who participated, we would like to give you 50 dollars off a great indoor/outdoor network based camera! A bullet camera, complete with infrared (night vision) with both wired and 802.11 wireless connection capability which you can hook to your network and view from a computer in your house or business. And you can also view it from remote over the internet, or load the included software on your computer and record the action while you are away.

    These retail for about $250, and we sell them for $189, but because you took part in this, we will let you have one for 139.oo.

    Just call or email me for more information.

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