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Best of the Upstate

We would be honored if you would help us get this cool graphic for use on our website and publications!

We are often told we offer the best computer repair, sales, service and support in Greenville and the Upstate, but the Greenville News is currently looking for people to participate in their poll for the “Best of the Upstate 2010” and we would be honored if you would take a couple minutes of your time and vote…

Here is the link to the poll: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22AM8P6RVZN

What’s in it for you??? You can win a $500 dollar Visa gift card just for voting in 10 categories!

The category that we fit into is #34 Computer Store/Service Provider…  We are not listed there, so you would have to write in: Homeland Secure IT, LLC

Please consider writing in or selecting these other great places:

#22 Bartender

Brad at Thaicoon Ricefire (We love this guy, super nice, and does a great job)

#28 Carpet Cleaners?

McAbee’s Custom Carpets (This is Pamela’s family owned business)

#34 Computer Store/Service Provider?

Homeland Secure IT, LLC  (US! Wouldn’t you know it!??!)

#45 Jewelry Store?

Julie’s Jewels & Gifts (Julie is awesome – she can get anything for you if she doesn’t have it, or she can have it made)

#50 Mexican Restaurant?

Cancun of Piedmont (This is a client of our’s… Best Mexican food in Piedmont. Oh wait, the ONLY Mexican food in Piedmont!)

Thank you for your support!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I was told that #55, best NEW business is back on the list… You could write in Homeland Secure IT, LLC there too if you get that question?

    Thank you all so much!

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