iPad app from the Piano Guy helps you learn new songs on piano – I want one for guitar chords, tab & lyrics!

I have an idea for a great iPad app that would be awesome for fellow musicians…  Imagine having a screen the size of the iPad, with a mount that secures it to a typical mic stand, and allows you to adjust it to a comfortable viewing angle. Now imagine an app that has the chords, tabs and lyrics available for your viewing, and lets you store the most popular songs, as well as search the ‘net for content on the fly.

That would be my dream setup for playing live gigs and when a request for some song you are familiar with but have never played, or maybe you can play it but don’t know the lyrics – you pull it up on your iPad and viola, you make someone happy that you couldn’t have otherwise have done.

Also for learning new songs, practicing, etc, this would be great! I’m waiting for this to come around! If it doesn’t, I may have to develop it myself.

While searching for my dream app, I found one from the Piano Guy, who has a TV show teaching piano… He now has an iPad app for his lessons that lets a person download the lesson, place the iPad on your piano, just like printed music, at a comfortable viewing angle and watch these videos to play along… Nice application!

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