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Not a week goes by that I am not reminded of how devastating it can be for someone to lose their data. Yesterday a nice guy called about his Macbook that had a drive failure and he took it all the way to Charlotte to have the Mac Store look at it. They are replacing the drive under warranty, however, the data was lost. The fella had a backup – from February – on an external USB drive, but unfortunately, he had run out of space on the drive during the backup and it had corrupted the data that was on there. I had him leave the USB drive with us and we ran our data recovery software on it and was able to recover ~104k files (about 100gb) but probably not nearly all of his data because the original backup did not complete.

This story repeats itself all too frequently. Then we hear the inevitable comment, “If only I had…” just about every single time it happens….    You know, “If only I had backed up”, “If only the drive didn’t fail”, “If only the external USB drive worked” and “If only I had 1000 dollars to recover my data from the shredded hard drive”….

As sad as it is, there are ways to avoid this and far too many of us are aware of them and STILL don’t do anything about it. WHY? Because it is too much trouble, too complicated, too costly, too time consuming, etc.

We have the answer to all those excuses! We offer an awesome online backup solution that can help you protect your data with absolutely no interaction at all. You set it, and forget it (I bet that is a trademarked term and some lawyer will now call me)…. Yes, you install it, configure it, and stop worrying about your data because it is stored “in the cloud”. Not on a fragile USB drive. Or heck, you can double-up and backup to USB drives and this great online backup both. You simply can not have too much insurance against data loss!

This online backup solution is called Servosity, and we provide a free trial to let you see if you like it, and if so, we will bill you monthly for only the data you are backing up. It is not just for Microsoft Windows, as Servosity is designed for multiple operating systems, including Apple Mac OS X! Other operating systems are: RedHat Linux, Novell Netware, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, most every Linux and Unix distribution and platforms that support Java2 SDK standard edition v1.3.1 or later. Of course it works with Microsoft Windows (Just about every flavor) and can backup Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc, etc, etc!

It runs unattended, in the background, without consuming all your resources, and the only requirement is that your machine be online during the backup window…  The backup window can be set to any time of day you wish…  The Pro version of this offering can also provide a continuous backup if so configured and desired.

My wife and our clients love getting an email every day that says their data has been backed up successfully. It gives them peace of mind, and in some cases, it can save a job, because if you are in charge of important data and it becomes lost or damaged, your employer may find a way to help you become lost, or damaged…

If you want to experience peace of mind with your data, give us a call at 990-4748 or email johnh@homelandsecureit.com and I’ll be glad to tell you all about the benefits of Servosity and set you up for a free trial! If you are in the Greenville / Upstate, SC area and would like a free evaluation of your computer network service and backup needs, just let us know!

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