Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 offers easy online collaboration

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

One of the features of the latest version of Microsoft Office, Professional Plus 2010, is the ability share your information for collaboration / co-authoring without the need for a SharePoint server.  Of course SharePoint is the king of collaboration, but for smaller organizations, the  Microsoft Office Backstage can offer you a quick way to store and share your documents online.

Everyone in your group can review the files from virtually anywhere. You can even co-author a document and make edits with a¬†colleague¬†to make sure everyone’s ideas are expressed.

The Microsoft Office Word Backstage view offers a quick way to do just that! ¬†With SharePoint, you click on the File tab in the upper left hand corner to open Backstage view, then select Save & Send and Save to SharePoint…. ¬†Now everyone you have shared the file with has access via the SharePoint library.

But what if you don’t have SharePoint? That’s okay! Click the File tab in the upper left hand corner, then go to “Save & Send” and select “Save to Web”. ¬†This uses Microsoft’s FREE service called SkyDrive, and you can access it with your Windows Live account. ¬†No Windows Live account? You are given the option to create one!

Having this integrated into the new Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 is more handy than one might think at first. The ability to save a document to the SkyDrive, then allow others to have access to is nice, but you also have access to it from ANYWHERE. So you can save a document at work to the the web, access it at home, make changes and then access it again at work the next day in the modified form. No confusion of having multiple copies emailed back and forth.

If you would like to purchase Microsoft Office 2010 for your Home or Business, please contact us. We provide single copies, and Microsoft Open Licensing for those needing more than 5 copies. No order is too big or too small for us. We can even license your pre-installed starter version that came with your new notebook or computer system.

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