What can a Microsoft Small Business Specialist do for your Greenville / Upstate company?


Homeland Secure IT is proud to be a Microsoft Small Business Specialist

When selecting a computer network service provider for your organization, a Microsoft Small Business Specialist can be of particular value by utilizing their training and expertise.

Microsoft Small Business Specialists receive training that is designed to help your small business to grow big! Every small business owner has to overcome the challenges of the technology they rely upon, and rather than making the same mistakes others have made before them, an SBS can guide them to avoid these hurdles.

A common mistake made by the start up venture is to attempt to get by with the minimum computer infrastructure, only to rapidly outgrow the capabilities of that system and have to reinvest much sooner than anticipated. Using the services of a computer service & support company that is involved in Microsoft’s Small Business Specialist program can help you avoid this.

Do you have an established small business already and want to grow larger? Make sure your IT professionals are able to grow with you. Quality service techs will know your systems inside and out and help you make that transition as painless as possible by anticipating the obsticalse ahead of you.

Homeland Secure IT is proud to be a Microsoft Small Business Specialist who offers computer, server & network support, service, repair, consultation and sales to Greenville & Upstate based businesses, large or small!  Call us today at 864-990-4748 or email info@homelandsecureit.com for a free evaluation of your needs.

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