And the winner of our July network security camera giveaway is…

badadadadadadadadadadadaadadad (Simulated drum roll)…

Hal Westmoreland from AccessAbility Services Inc, of Simponsonville, SC was the lucky winner of the wireless network security / surveillance camera giveaway for July! Congratulations to Hal!

Incidentally the first name drawn was Pamela Hoyt, my wife, which somehow didn’t seem fair, so we drew again.

I would like to thank everyone for playing our little game, those who are signed up will be automatically entered into our next contest… Watch for details coming soon!

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  1. Okay guys… I give my blood, sweat, tears, and constant cheering, and applauding to you all with NOTHING in return and I don’t even get a little camera???!!!! Well, if I didn’t feel that Hal was such a great guy and deserved the camera more, I’d really pitch a tantrum… like you haven’t seen that before, too, huh? I love you guys!!

  2. HAHAHAAHAAHAHAH Sorry… I kinda felt bad. Besides, we already have cameras everywhere, watching our house, watching our businesses, etc. Then again, you can never have too many cameras 😉

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