Are you overlooking a notebook computer backup plan?

I hate to keep beating this dead horse, but a dear friend called this morning as I was on my way in to the office, telling how his notebook computer had experienced a totally depleted battery over the weekend and that when he tried to bring it back up, he got the dreaded blue screen of death… This was followed by lots of time attempting to get the machine to run, and then a restless / sleepless night worrying about lost productivity, unrecoverable data, and expense involved.

I told him not to worry because somehow, some way, we will recover his data and get him back online. Of course, he didn’t mention that no backup existed until near the end of the conversation… Hopefully this story will have a happy ending…

What are you doing for a disaster recovery plan? Sure you are backing up your desktops and servers, but what about those notebooks? We offer a free trial of Servosity Online Backup…

Free Servosity Online Backup Trial! Click Here...

Free Servosity Online Backup Trial! Click Here...

With Servosity Online Backup you will be able to sleep at night knowing your data is protected, even on mobile computers which may never see the main office. Your data is encrypted and uploaded to the Servosity secure remote storage server. In the event of a disaster, individual files, folders, or an entire system drive can be restored.

Have important files that change throughout the day? Servosity also offers CONTINUOUS backup protection – important files are backed up as they are changed on your system. All of this takes place automatically.

Servosity works with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Linux and other *nix based operating systems. Don’t take a chance, try out Servosity TODAY! For FREE!

Homeland Secure IT offers many backup solutions and one is just right for your application! Tape, Backup-2-Disk, NAS/SANs, Autoloaders and Jukeboxes… Email info@homelandsecureit.com or call 864.990.4748 for more information.

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    1. Thank you Roger for the reply.

      Backup is near and dear to my heart because it can make the difference between a happy, uncomplicated life, and one of misery and tears.

      I checked out your blog and see you like Mozy and Elephant, which are also great products (We are actually a reseller for Mozy) , but my favorite is Servosity, with whom we partner and trust for reliable and affordable backup. Servosity is not as cheap as many of the solutions, but I feel the quality of service is very good, and besides, the founder of the company is right here in Greenville South Carolina where we are!

      Take care!

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