Are you so busy looking for success that you just walk past opportunity?

Are you¬†the type of person who is¬†totally engrossed in¬†finding success? Are you rushing through life trying to¬†succeed at your endeavor? I’m talking about the type of person who wants to make¬†a name for yourself,¬† push your new¬†business to the top,¬†obtain great wealth, or maybe even become¬† a superstar athlete or the best guitarist in the world…

We all know these people, and we hope we aren’t one, but they they are the types who are so focused on the prize that they let opportunities slip past them constantly. They turn down the smaller deals because they want that one big one.

I saw this video and thought I would share it… It illustrates just how many people walk past opportunity on the way to their goal. It is also a neat study in human nature in general.

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