Consumers are happier than ever with their computers!


Shiny Happy People

According to a story published in the Washington Post, computer users are happier with their PCs than at any time since the first year (1994) that this was tracked! This was based around a poll run by ACSI LLC.

It was not surprising that Apple had the highest user satisfaction with their “cult-like” Mac following, though it may catch some off guard that Microsoft held its own. The article cites improvements in Microsoft customer satisfaction since the release of Windows 7, which we have seen ourselves. In fact, since the release of Microsoft Windows 7, we have been seeing people dump their aging Macs and opt for less expensive Windows machines as replacements.

Some factors that appear to be contributing to the migration from Mac to the Windows platform are the consistently lower prices for Microsoft Windows based machines, security holes being exploited in the Mac rapidly narrowing the “Mac is more secure” gap, the overall user friendliness and reliability of Windows 7 and of course the larger software selection.

Either way, across the board people are as happy as ever with their computers!

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