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If you have issues with your business computer systems, who do you call?

If you are calling a one-man-shop, you may be getting a great deal in terms of hourly rates, however, you may find that the wait for this one person to finally get around to you could lead to inconvenient downtime. Unfortunately, the better the technician, the more likely this will become reality as they will pick up new clients, and have to service them. Obviously, there is only so much of one person to go around.

Some independent technicians have built-in a set number of clients to avoid this, as they realize they cannot be in two places at one time. The average tech will operate on a first come, first served basis, and still others will prioritize their calls, placing downed servers higher in the queue than a workstation with a virus.

Before opening Homeland Secure IT, many years ago, I ran a business like that, and though I had plenty of clients, I was run ragged with a call in Easley, then a call in Greer, then a call in Clemson. I am glad those days are over!

Homeland Secure IT is fortunate enough to have multiple technicians who CAN be in more than one place at one time! What about when we can’t? Yes that happens, when we are deploying a new server or network where all technicians are tied up on that job, sometimes we have to pull a man off that job to handle a call. Still other times we will have a heavy workload, such as in the case of when a new virus or updates are released and everyone is calling at one time. Using remote access tools, in many cases, we can service more than one client at a time. Again, these are tools that the average one-man-shop does not have at his/her disposal.

What is YOUR response time?

Generally, in the Greenville area, we are on location within 30 minutes, longer if we are dealing with Seneca due to drive time. Our average response time is difficult to measure due to a large number of our calls being handled by remote access, email or phone, which equates to INSTANT response time! When averaged in with our typical on-site response time of 30 minutes, it brings us closer to 5 minutes for response time! Just remember “on-site” where we go to you, will generally take us 30 minutes from the time you call.

What about these free estimates? How does that work?

Computers which are brought to our office qualify for a free estimate. We never charge to determine what is wrong with your computer, if it is brought to us. The same goes for an onsite consultation regarding performing service for your company. We will come to you and talk with you about how our services or products may or may not be right for you at no charge. That being said, we do not offer free estimates for a computer repair if we must dispatch a person to your location. We still generate a charge for the visit.

What services does Homeland Secure IT provide?

It may be easier to ask, “What services doesn’t Homeland Secure IT provide?” than to ask what we do. We specialize in small business computer and network support. We have offices with a single person in them that we provide total IT support for, and we have clients with 50+ users, with multiple locations, requiring VPNs between their sites and many servers. There really is no client “too small” for us, and we have yet to find one too large, but I am sure there is one out there! We do everything from desktop and laptop repairs, to network security, Voice over IP, CCTV and server deployment and maintenance.

If you are dealing with the one-man-operation and you are happy, then by all means, please continue! If you are growing tired of waiting hours and hours, or even days for a technician to show up, or return a call, then please call us at 864.990.4748 or email info@homelandsecureit.com. We serve the entire Upstate of South Carolina!

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  1. We repair, service and sell home computers too!

    Virus protection is a must, but sometimes it is not enough, should your machine become infected with a virus, trojan, spyware, rootkit or other type of malware, we can help with that too!

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