Social Story Conference was a blast here in #Greenville today! #socialstory

If you have been paying attention, you know about the Social Story Conference put on by Trey Pennington here in Greenville today at the Warehouse Theatre (@WarehouseGVL). Pamela and I played hooky from work and attended it, feeling a bit naughty, like a kid skipping school!

The speakers were Tim TV, Sean Buvala, Amber Osborne (@MissDestructo), Rick Murray, Olivier Blanchard (@TheBrandBuilder), Trey Pennington (@TreyPennington), and moderated by Phil Yanov (@ThinkHammer).

The topic was “Building your social story”, and while social media was discussed a good bit, it was not the focus of the conference.

It was a total blast! Let’s do it again!  If you missed it you can travel to the next venue!  www.SocialStoryConference.com for more information about it.

I would like to thank the speakers for traveling to see us, especially @MissDestructo who is responsible for getting me into Four Square and has brightened many days with some words of wisdom! Also, to the staff at Bit Tyrant (Aaron Von Frank, Susan Sebotnick and Kat Hardaway), you guys did a bang up job, and your volunteers were awesome too.

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    1. Sean,

      You know, one thing I took away and my wife (@pamelahoyt) and I have discussed at least 2 or 3 times now is the “Potato Salad” story…. We heard the story the other night. The details were changed, but it was the same story! Nice guy, has a great place of business, offers quality product, but doesn’t know enough (anything?) about telling his story, or the means of doing so.

      In talking with him, he has a fascinating story though! But no time, and no customers.

      Like you, I have given thought to helping this guy get his business out there. A few flyers or an ad in the yellow pages is not going to cut it… I would hate to see him close his doors and move on to something else.

      Come back to Greenville again soon, and when you do, let us know so we can buy you dinner!


  1. You were there, in spirit anyway! Who knows, maybe you will catch it in another city. I imagine Social Story Conference will only get better as they take it to new locations!

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