Microsoft Windows 8 post on Dutch MS blog triggers massive speculation

Windows 8

Windows 8

Don’t get all excited, yet, but a couple days ago, bloggers found a post on a Dutch Microsoft blog which discussed the upcoming release of Windows 8.

While the post was quickly removed, it has created a lot of stir in the IT community. Some of it good, and a LOT of it bad. Some believe after the “failed” unleashing of Microsoft Windows Vista on the unsuspecting public, that the update to Windows 7 should have been free for anyone with Vista! Of course, these same people think that EVERY update from MS should be free.

One blog post I read had the poster claiming that the (possible)Ā 2012 release of Windows 8 would coincide with the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan calendar.

Most seem to feel that another update to Windows is just another way to get money. Now this I agree with. Microsoft is not a charity, they have to bring in money, and they do so with new innovations that they can sell and hopefully profit on. Do we really want a software company that doesn’t create new and exciting things, as well as just fixing the bugs?

Regardless of what people post on these random blogs, the general sentiment is that Microsoft Windows 7 is likely the best product that MS has ever offered, and is certainly the best Operating System. So, if Windows 8 follows that trend and brings us another stable platform with decent security, then 2012 is not soon enough. Though I just love living on the edge.

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