Black Friday & Cyber Monday Computer Deals too Good to Pass Up…

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the USA, in case you missed it… Everyone here at Homeland Secure IT and our families have so much to be thankful for that I would have to dedicate an entire blog post to just that…  One thing worth mentioning other than the most obvious like the ability to live in the greatest country on the planet, having a roof over our head, a gracious God and healthy families, would be YOU, our friends, family and clients. You make it a joy to open our eyes in the morning and greet another beautiful day!

Today is “Black Friday” and by now you are probably home, safe and dry…  Black Friday CrowdI hope everyone enjoyed their shopping experience and found everything they had on their Christmas list at deep discounts too good to be true!

From reading advertisements & news articles, retailers continued the trend of luring people in with the promise of a Sony Notebook Computer bundle for $199, a ViewSonic 24″ monitor for $99, an HP all-in-one wireless printer for $49.99, best selling video games for $9.99, 2TB hard drives for $49, 16GB flash drive for $4.99, Microsoft Office Home and Student for $79 with 3 user license, etc.

However, only a few lucky people serious shoppers received those deals… In the fine print of those ads, there is generally written “1 available”, and everyone was rushing in at the store’s opening and staking out their territory to be the one person to get the deal of the year. Sometimes there are a dozen available, but when we are talking about a popular item, chances are slim, unless you are a pro at shopping, that you will be the one in the front of the line.

I read sad tweets this morning from people saying they got up early to get the gadget they wanted and it wasn’t there. Many bought something similar that was on sale at a discounted price, which is exactly what the merchant was counting on!

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there were some outstanding sale items and prices! I’m sure many of you did get something at a greatly reduced cost and only spent an hour or two doing it. Still, the crowds, the unlikely chance that I will personally be the one to get my hands on the brass ring and the fact I have to get up at 3AM or earlier (or stay up) keeps me out of the stores on Black Friday here in Greenville / Upstate, SC.

Which brings us to “Cyber Monday”. This is more my speed. I can shop from the comfort of my home (or office, but shhhhh, don’t tell anyone), and the only inconvenience I have to suffer is laggy internet due to everyone else doing the same thing.

I’m seeing spectacular deals that await us this coming Monday, and many Etailers are offering their discounts all weekend long.

Sure, there are those certain products that big online retailers will be selling with limited quantities, or “50 at this price”, but I think I can live with that, easier than seeing my neighbor climb over someone with murder in their eyes to grab the last widget on the shelf.

When scouring the web for these great deals, be careful if you are Googling for a product, say a “Nikon d7000 dSLR camera”, and find it at a price too good to be true from a place you have never heard of. Chances are, it IS too good to be true. Also, be aware that scammers have been waiting for this moment, and they have created sponsored (Ad Word) ads and even got their own websites up in the rankings for specific keywords. These sites look legit when you are searching, they may even have a URL that looks like it “”, but it is not, and takes you to a malicious site, promising 100 dollar notebook computers, just install this driver or player.   Don’t fall for it.

Now get out there and buy something! Help our economy by spending a lot and have a happy & safe holiday shopping season!

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