Clean The Fan – A funny, but truthful tale of notebook computer service!

This young man created a great video that illustrates the difficulties of typical notebook computer service; removing too many panels, parts, screws all to get to a component for replacement, repair or cleaning. In this case, he just wants to “clean the fan”.

Sure it is funny to watch, but honestly, some of these notebooks make it very difficult to do required maintenance or repair. Sadly, Apple Mac notebooks (and computers too) are no easier to deal with, so if you watch this and think, “Time to buy a Mac”, be forewarned, you may find yourself making appointments for service or waiting in queue for hours at an Apple Mac store (Just yesterday a new customer of ours told me about a 6 hour wait for Mac service)… Β And in many cases, you can forget about servicing it yourself because if parts are needed it could take days to get in as most local computer shops have very limited Mac part inventory as they are very expensive! (Try 200 bucks for a G4 tower power supply and a difficult process to replace it versus <70 for a typical PC and much less time).

Anyway, watch this guy’s video, follow it through to YouTube and LIKE it or comment as he is more than deserving!

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