Six MILLION dollars for computer virus cleanup? That’s what one man paid!

A New York Times article that was tweeted yesterday by @randomlycb really caught my attention…

Six Million Dollars for virus removal and cleanup?It involves a well-to-do gentleman who takes his computer to a local (New York) computer repair facility for a simple virus cleanup / removal in 2006, and things go horribly wrong. The owner of the computer service center tells the PC owner that he has fallen victim to an elaborate attack from a foreign entity that has not only his data in danger, but the well being of his family!

Over the next six years, the computer owner pays the computer service shop an estimated SIX MILLION dollars to keep him safe. The article goes on to explain further oddities revolving around the strange relationship between computer owner and shady computer repair clinic owner.

This is so intriguing that it could be a turned into a movie, except for the part where it is all too real, and a man, his family and others were hurt by the very people he trusted.

The next time you are in need of computer service, don’t let the technician tell you that you need to pay millions of dollars… Select a quality IT company who will give you a reasonable estimate for the labor and a time frame for the repairs. A typical virus cleanup / malware removal can take an hour, sometimes more depending on the severity and the data being dealt with. A reputable repair facility will generally have your computer back to you the same or next business day.

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