Trend Micro Worry-Free 7.0 Business Security Patch Build 1396 Released

If you are running Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security 7.0, then you should have received an update notification that reads like this:
A new patch has been released: “WFBS 7.0 Critical Patch Build 1396”.
To view the readme and get the install package:

    1.   Visit the Trend Micro Download Center from the Small Business tab on the Trend Micro home page
    2.   Select your product under the “Small Business” category
    3.   Select the “Product Patch” tab

Pretty self-explanatory, however, if you require assistance, please call us at 864.990.4748 or email
Here’s a direct link to the download section:
Here’s a list of changes:
 1. Overview of this Critical Patch Release
   NOTE: Please install the critical patch before completing any
         procedure in this section (see “Installation”).
   1.1 Resolved Known Issues
   1. Users may receive the ESENT Event ID 490 notification in the
      Application Event Log after installing the Security Agent.
     (Critical Patch 1357, hot fix 1360)

   2. Users may experience performance issues when saving Microsoft(TM)
      Office(TM) files to a shared network drive on a 64-bit server.
     (Critical Patch 1357)
   3. The performance of some Worry-Free Business Security 7.0 servers
      may slow down after a few weeks. (Critical Patch 1357, 1347)
   4. Users may experience high CPU resource issues when logging onto
      Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS) 7.0. (hot fix 1359, 1362)
   5. Users may experience performance issues when processing Microsoft
      Office files. (hot fix 1361)
   6. If multiple users log on to the same server and one of them opens
      the Security Agent UI, the client UI will open for the other users
      too. (Hot Fix 1362)
   7. Users may experience product update issues such as: delays,
      updating earlier than scheduled, clients that will not update.
      (Hot Fix 1365)
   8. Users might experience send/relay email issues when sending email
      from the email server. (hot fix 1366)
   9. Users may experience the following network drive issues:
      1) network drive disconnects or maps to different folders
      2) remote applications unable to launch after upgrading from
         previous versions.
      (Hot Fix 1369)
   10.WFBS 7.0 GM does not remind user to click ¡§No¡¨ when open the MSA
      configuration page, User may failed to open the MSA configuration
      page if they select ¡§Yes¡¨.

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