Begin using IPv6 whether your ISP is ready for it or not by using a “Tunnel Broker”

So now that we are reaching the end of the IPv4 addresses, what’s next?

You don’t have to sit back and wait for your ISP to provide you with IPv6, you can play with IPv6 today using a “Tunnel Broker”.

How does that work? Hurricane Electric is one example of a tunnel broker who allows you to use IPv6 via tunneling through the traditional IPv4 network from an IPv6 configured host or router to one of the Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel routers.

What do you need? A IPv6 capable router/firewall or IPv6 capable host. That’s it.

What if your router doesn’t support IPv6? It may be flashable to run one of the Open Source offerings such as OpenWRT or DD-WRT , or you could invest less than 100 dollars and purchase a compatible device.

You’ve got the hardware, now what? Go to the Hurricane Electric site or another Tunnel Broker, create your tunnel and you should be able to get it going in a short period of time.

Next point some hosts from your domain to your new IPv6 IPs and give it a try!  Now you’re ready for World IPv6 day!

While this is fun and gives you an opportunity to work with the “new” technology, I would not recommend this as your long term solution, nor would I recommend it for a corporate or even business network solution.

If you have a Greenville / Upstate business that you need to prepare for an IPv6 deployment, please contact us at 864.990.4748 or email info@homelandsecureit.com – We can help pave the way to a smooth transition.

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  1. While I understand you are trying to sell you services, you make a very blanket statement not to use something many many people are using currently without giving any reasoning as to why.
    Now I can understand not using it for business purposes as it does have to go back through the tunnel. However someone that is at home without an ISP that supports IPv6 should be able to use it without issue for quite a while. I personally have used my tunnelbroker.net account since 2009 without issue.

    If you would like to actually give reasoning behind it, I would love to hear it. Otherwise it seems like this is a 100% marketing blog and not really worth visiting.

    1. Post


      Thank you for your reply! I’m just pointing out that technology does exist that people should be playing with. Using a tunnel broker is fine, but one day, hopefully soon, a much larger portion of people will have true, authentic IPv6 available to them through their internet service provider.

      Would I put a tunnel broker connection in place for the companies our business supports? No, not at all. But our clients have no desire to be guinea pigs, your mileage my vary…

      Have a super week!


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