Don’t Forget A Screen Privacy Filter for Your Electronic Medical Record Computers EMR / EHR

Up until May of 2010, I rarely visited a doctor, but all that changed when a little old lady passed out or fell asleep and slammed into my car one morning. As a result, I saw way too many doctors.


Example of a Privacy Filter in Place

During these visits, I was asked about the security of Electronic Medical Records and discussed that at length with doctors, clients, friends and my family. Fast forward to today and I am seeing more and more smaller clinics switching to EMR / EHR and some are doing a fantastic job of protecting themselves and their clients from the threats that exist.

What surprised me is that for all the anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls and security devices, setting screens to time-out and lock, implementing strict password policies and the like, one simple thing is missing from many of these computers and servers.

A privacy filter for the screen… These fairly inexpensive will keep someone who is not directly in line with the monitor from viewing the display.

3M makes a fantastic assortment of these filters to fit your notebook, tablet, desktop LCD, even your smart phone!  I would recommend one be placed on every computer used for patient information.

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