The End Is Near! All IPv4 Addresses Now Spoken For

IPv4 Exhaustion

IPv4 Exhaustion Prediction

We knew the day was coming, and today we learned that it was sooner than later.

IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), the organization that manages IP addresses and domain allocations has assigned two IPv4 address blocks to APNIC (The Asian-Pacific Network Information Centre), which in turn has caused a provision in the IANA rules to go into affect, releasing the last five IPv4 address groups totaling 82.5 million addresses to the regional internet registries.

So that’s it for the total pool of 4.3 billion IP addresses!

Where do we go from here? IPv6 baby! It has been there waiting in the wings for this moment, and now it is time for it to shine. ISPs will be left with no choice but to begin deployment.

What is interesting is that the graph on the left, from the Wikipedia site about “IPv4 Address Exhaustion” was spot on in predicting the end…

It is time (actually past time) to be planning for your own future, meaning, getting your infrastructure ready for the IPv6 deployments that will be coming. You may need some new hardware, and certainly a few configuration changes, but either way, you should be working with your network support professional to ensure you are ready.

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