Xperience Greenville is right around the corner #XperienceGreenville #greenville

Put this date on your calendar now: March 18, 2011 @ 7pm

You don’t want to be anywhere other than downtown Greenville at that time. This is the one year anniversary of Google On Main, (#GoogleOnMain / #WeAreFeelingLucky)  which made national news, and it is being organized by the same people who arranged that incredible event which changed Greenville forever!

How do you get involved? First, visit this website http://www.xperiencegreenville.org/

You need to reserve your spot, which costs a few bucks, but guarantees you will get the materials you need, such as an LED glowstick and 3D glasses.

Please tell your friends and follow the action on Twitter and when you post about it, include the #XperienceGVL hashtag.

This is a family friendly event. Though it sounds like a rave, the environment will be safe and secure!

See you there!!!!!!!!!!

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