Dell executive claims iPad is unlikely to dominate the enterprise market… Your thoughts?

Dell’s Global Head of Marketing was interviewed by CIO recently and one statement made global headlines, “Apple iPad will fail in the enterprise: Dell“.

He claims that the iPad is too expensive to win in the enterprise market and that other devices may very well beat it out… Of course Dell would like to think that their own will be the “winner” in the tablet wars.

We’re seeing tons of tablets hit the streets, from the beloved Apple iPad and iPad II, to the more cutting edge Android based tablets like the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy series, but still, the businesses we work with are hesitant to embrace the technology, especially the Apple iPad, due to the expense primarily.

Some Microsoft Windows 7 based tablets are actually gaining the interest of our clients, such as those from Motion. These are hardened tablets which charge quickly, offer complete compatibility with existing infrastructure and a proven user interface.

What are your thoughts for tablets for your business? What are you using? What gets you excited?

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