ShredDisk Onsite Hard Drive Shredding demonstrates The Shredder for @BigJonEvans – @ShredDisk

Our friend Jon Evans (@BigJonEvans) from spent some time with another of our great friends and business partners, Brent Amyette with ShredDisk Onsite Hard Drive Shredding (@ShredDisk) yesterday…

In their live web stream, they discussed the benefits of using ShredDisk Onsite Hard Drive Shredding, and how traditional means of erasing a hard drive before donating the computer and drive to charity or even selling it are ineffective in protecting your data. The only 100% effective way to protect your data is to destroy the drive!

ShredDisk does just that by pulverizing the drive into “data confetti” and providing you with a certificate of destruction if required. ShredDisk will do this at YOUR location so the drive/s never leave your sight.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Microsoft Windows machine, Windows Server, Mac OSX, Linux or any other hard drive! ShredDisk even destroys mobile phones, smart phones, drives from multi-function machines such as copiers, flash media, and entire notebook computers!

Here’s a demonstration of The Shredder in action:


Homeland Secure IT is proud to partner with ShredDisk to offer their data destruction services for our computer service clients in the Greenville and Upstate SC area…  Call 864.990.4748 or email for more information.

For those interested,  @BigJonEvans rents his body out (okay, just his forehead) for advertising purposes… Check out his website or follow him on Twitter or Facebook (John Evans).



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