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In assisting clients recently with their IT needs, we have been discovering a number of them are paying too much for their business phone service. After thinking about it, I decided to contact a sampling of our clients, all in the SMB (Small and Medium Business) segment, and ask them if they would share some information with us so we could compare what they are currently paying with what they COULD be paying if they made the change to a technology called Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking from standard copper phone lines, T1s or PRIs.

First up, we have “Business One”, a small custom manufacturing and sales place, has a total of  three usable voice phone lines with one incoming number, they have one additional phone line used for their FAX, alarm and credit card machine. Their internet is provided by AT&T via a 6 meg down, 0.5 meg up connection. Their current costs are $433.31 including taxes for their long distance and local phone service and their internet connection.

$433.31 is not too bad, however, we thought we might be able to beat that…   We had our Charter Business req quote a 25 meg down, 3 meg up connection, and bundled one single phone line with that in the quote, which will handle the FAX, alarm and credit card machine. Then we opted for the Business trunk package from our SIP provider (NexVortex) which includes 5000 minutes of incoming and 5000 minutes of outgoing talk time, UNLIMITED concurrent calls, 5 DID telephone numbers, Disaster Recovery Routing.  Total cost?   $270.oo


  • Bandwidth up from 6/0.5 meg to 25/3.0 meg (400% increase)
  • Usable phone lines up from 3 max in use to unlimited
  • Ability to give five key personnel their own individual direct phone number
  • Cost savings of $163.31 per month or $1959.72 per year

The cost savings could be increased to over $220 per month ($2640/year) if they only needed ONE phone number, 2000 minutes and no disaster recovery.

Of course, the main thing to consider is, the old analog phone system at Business One is unable to support SIP trunking. Their 15 year old system will need to be totally replaced…

In my next post, I will give an example of the cost to upgrade Business One to a brand new VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system from Cisco that can handle the SIP trunking and give them new features that they currently do not have, such as Caller ID, voice mail that goes to email, display phones, etc.  I also hope to give several other examples similar to this one.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on SIP

Would you like more information about SIP trunking and how it can save your business money? Please email us at or call 864.990.4748. We are your Cisco Select partner in Greenville & Upstate SC, offering the latest in Cisco VoIP technology, as well as a partners with SIP trunking providers such as NexVortex!



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