Considering Storage, IP Surveillance, Security, Wireless or Switching for your business? Thought about D-Link?

D-Link Certified Professionals

We don't just sell D-Link products, we know how to make them work within your environment!

Everyone is familiar with Cisco products, but not everyone may realize there are alternatives which can affect your bottom line drastically while providing an identical feature set and experience.

D-Link is a leader in the field and their products can often times go head-to-head with Cisco.

D-Link offers:

  • Wireless network equipment, like access points, managed wireless switches for large scale deployments, and cloud managed systems. D-Link offers a solution for your small office or your large university campus and everything in between. Need wireless roaming of VoIP systems or to connect buildings and networks together wirelessly? They’ve got that covered.
  • SAN – Network storage systems that can use your existing LAN infrastructure and compete nicely with NAS (Network Attached Storage). These work with VMWare and other virtual environments, as well as with applications like ProTools!
  • Firewalls and routers, for the small or medium business to the large enterprise.
  • Switches, from a single inexpensive switch to managed to stackable for your enterprise that can have a master replaced without taking the entire stack down. 10/100, gigabit, even 10GBE.
D-Link warranty and licensing are superior to many other providers too! You don’t get “licensed to death”.
If you are considering replacing older equipment or deploying a new site, D-Link probably has just what you need. If you are in Greenville or the Upstate of SC, please call us at 864.990.4748 or email We are a D-Link partner offering the entire line of D-Link products. We not only sell D-Link, but we also offer installation, consultation and support. We are D-Link Certified Professionals.

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