Did you secure your Wi-Fi acess point yet?

Last week I was discussing RIAA letters to people who had supposedly downloaded music illegally and it turned out it was neighbors using their wifi connection.

I wonder if anyone was paying attention?  If you did not secure your wireless access point after that, then maybe THIS will encourage you to do so…

A dispute with neighbors turned ugly back in 2009, and one man used the wireless access point of one neighbor to make it appear as if they were downloading child porn and more. The article says the man hacked into the access point, but chances are good, at least at first, he did not have to do any “hacking” at all.

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Secure those APs kiddies! If you are running a business, you should be even more concerned.  Want to add a little extra protection? Remove the broadcast of SSID, sure it will not matter to someone who is intent on getting in, but it does at least make it a little less visible to the casual observer.

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