Remote temperature monitoring for your server room or wiring closet from AVTECH can protect you from a meltdown!


AVTECH remote temperature monitor

One issue we deal with in serving the small and medium sized business community is the placement of servers and network equipment in server rooms that equate to a wiring closet.

In most of these situations, these closets were not originally designed to houseĀ electronics. They have been converted from broom closets, coat closets, and in one instance, a server shared the closet with a hot water heater and HVAC equipment making for a a hot environment. Obviously, both power and environmental controls are afterthoughts in these “server rooms”.

Complicating matters worse is the fact that these rooms may not see a human open the door for days at a time, so personnel have no idea if the hot water heater is leaking, or if the temperature is 90 degrees and roasting the network equipment slowly to death.

This is where we can borrow a bit of technology designed originally for data centers and apply it to the typical business.

Using AVTECH’s TemPageR 3E remote temperature monitoring system, we can give a business owner piece of mind by insuring that if the temperature of the equipment and/or the room exceeds a threshold we set, that the proper people will be informed via email! It has logging capabilities too.

AVTECH has a wide range of products that will monitor temperature, airflow, moisture (leaking hot water heaters or floods), intrusion detection, even offer a video feed, but for our application, the TemPageR 3E is ideal!

If you have a server or network equipment in an unattended area, avoid a meltdown and check out these devices! If you are in Greenville / Upstate SC, we can demonstrate one for you and once you see how well it works, we are a partner with AVTECH and can offer the product and installation at a very affordable rate.

Call us at 864.990.4748 or email info@homelandsecureit.com for more information or a demonstration.

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