Android trojan records phone calls – It’s not paranoia if they really are watching you…

Android App Installation Warning

Watch out for these on your Android smartphone

Here’s an ugly one… A piece of malware could be installed on your Android that records your phone conversations and saves it to your memory card.

A blog post over on the CA community site states that you could have a trojan spying on your conversations. While the author goes into detail about the functionality of the trojan, little is said about the distribution method.

We’re left to believe it came from the marketplace, distributed with a supposedly legitimate application, but who’s to say you could not be brought to the app by your browser or an email link.

I think the bottom line here is to be careful when installing any apps on your Android phone, pay attention to which Android resources applications may be requesting access to. Why would a game need access to phone calls for instance?  A little common sense can go a long way.

The author does correctly state that this is the year of mobile malware….   Be careful out there!


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    1. Heh… I’m wondering if this could be a false-positive too. I know that there are some apps that are used to “spy” on your spouse or children, and the “payload” is hidden in a seemingly innocuous app. Time will tell!

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