DING DING DING… We have our winner for the Microsoft XBOX 360 giveaway…

Microsoft XBOX 360 Arcade System

Microsoft XBOX 360 Arcade

The moment has arrived!

It’s time to give away the Microsoft XBOX 360 gaming console….

Today I combined all our lists into one long Microsoft Excel spreadsheet…  The list included names compiled from:

  • General mailing list subscribers
  • “Secure IT Alerts” mailing list subsribers
  • Blog subscribers
  • People who hit “like” on the www.HomelandSecureIT.com page
  • People who “liked” our http://facebook.com/HomelandSecureIT page
  • People who used the Google +1 button on www.HomelandSecureIT.com and on blog posts
  • People who responded and retweeted about the contest
  • People who responded and shared on facebook
  • People who left reviews on Google or Merchant Circle
  • People who TRIED to leave reviews but Google wouldn’t let them for some reason and they emailed me telling me
  • People who posted on LinkedIn or left an endorsement
  • People who told me they emailed info about the contest to someone
  • People I found who used other creative ways to spread the word, including one who blogged about us!
  • For grins, I included those who liked http://facebook.com/DocksideBand and related accounts too!
All in all there were almost 4000 total entries! Okay, that was a little optimistic, there were only 3551, but still, that’s a lot!
Some people’s names kept coming up over and over, as they went out of their way to reach out. One person had 16 entries!
Some of these entries were NOT from the area, but I made the executive decision to go ahead and draw anyway, even though a term of the giveaway was that if the person could not come here to pick up the XBOX, then we would draw again.
I went to www.Random.org and set it to pick a random number from 1 to 3551…   It selected #312, which corresponds to none other than James Akers Jr. of Greenville, SC.
The ironic thing about this is, of all the people it could have been, James and I rib each other constantly on Twitter & Facebook… I guess I will have something else to harass him over now.
Congratulations James…   Now if you don’t want it, there is a long list of people who also went over and above on making connections with us who would love to have it!
Thank you to everyone who played our silly game this time!  It was fun and exciting seeing the creative ways in which people would help us out!  We appreciate you more than you can imagine!!!!!!
Next up for a giveaway?  Give me a few days to think about it. 😎


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