Dinner at Saskatoon & Metomorphoses at Warehouse Theatre made for a great evening! @WarehouseGVL @THE_Saskatoon

Narcissus loves himself all through the intermission

Wow, what a busy weekend!  We managed to pack so much into 48 hours this past weekend and had a great time doing so.  Our daughter that is a freshman at Converse College called this past Wednesday to ask if we could go see the production of Metamorphoses at the Warehouse Theatre.  We were fortunate to attend all of last season’s plays and so enjoyed every one of them.  I think she needed a family time event to look forward to while encountering her busy schedule at school.  I immediately called our friend, Paul Savas, and purchased four of the last remaining tickets for the final show! Yay!

Later in the week, Brett informed me that I had forgotten he would be going to the Clemson game on Saturday.  Geesh, it is difficult being the family entertainment coordinator and keeping everyone happy!  I told him not to worry and have a good time, we would find someone else to gladly take his ticket… and we did!

Our evening started with a delicious dinner at Saskatoon’s with Jay Handler, John, Megan, and me.  Megan and I were able to try new dishes that we otherwise would not dream of tasting… very good!  We shared many laughs and deep discussion and lost track of time before we dashed off to try to make the curtain call.  Megan and I dashed through the front door as John and Jay filled the parking meters and Shannon Robert (the plays director) ushered us to “the best seats in the house but a little difficult to get to!”  I envisioned a dark narrow stairway, but quickly knew what she was referring to when Shannon whispered, “Give me your shoes!”  We climbed a ladder in the dark to the balcony where the audio and lighting technicians work their magic, and indeed found “the best seats in the house”!  I was tickled but felt slightly guilty since WE were the people that we always scorned running in at the last second.

What a great performance to have balcony seats for “Metamorphoses”.  Shannon Robert did such an excellent job of directing Ovid’s classic that was created by Mary Zimmerman in 2002.  She even created the ominous feel of the Greek Mythological past in the poolside setting complete with over 3,400 gallons of water!  The play is actually a culmination of stories from Greek mythology which I love.  Several of the skits were interpreted in modern day with a twist of comedy or a glimpse of shock to leave us wanting more in the next story.

Although “Metamorphoses” was a fabulous opening show for the Warehouse Theatre’s new season, this makes me even more excited about what’s yet to come!  I would be amiss not to encourage my friends and colleagues to consider making time for each and every one of these productions.  We have always enjoyed and looked forward to our family fun nights of visiting the Warehouse Theatre!  Please take a look for yourself and mark your calendar now for these wonderful upcoming events so you don’t miss out.  I will certainly make a point of being early for the seating for the “The Elephant Man”, I hear the lead actor is wonderful! http://www.warehousetheatre.com/season

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  1. I just read this and really enjoyed it! Thanks so much for being among our favorite audience members and for being good sports. If you ever want to sit in the booth again, I am sure I know someone who can make that happen.

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