Old and busted – MBR viruses… New hotness – BIOS viruses (again)

This may come as no surprise to those who have been around computer security for a while, but the BIOS viruses are making a comeback!

One of the first made its debut back in 1999 and was known as “CIH”.  But Symantec is reporting a new killer on the block called “Trojan.Mebromi” that affects the Award BIOS and seizes control of a system even before you get to the MBR (Master Boot Record).

Expect this trend to continue….

Read more about it here:



As always, please insure your systems are using the latest anti-virus (We suggest and sell Trend Micro products such as the amazing Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security), that all updates are applied to your Microsoft Windows operating systems, all applications and support programs from Microsoft Office, to Adobe Reader, Flash and JAVA are at the latest patch levels. Obtain a quality firewall, and use common sense! And don’t forget to BACKUP!

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