Cisco UC320W Unified Communications System Firmware Update 2.1.2 Released to Correct Configuration Utility Login Issue

Cisco UC320W unified communications systemIf you are attempting to log into the administration and Configuration Utility on your Cisco UC320W and find you get a beautiful blue screen, but it goes no further, then chances are that you have Adobe Flash Player 11 installed and a the UC320W has a firmware revision of 2.1.1 (7) or lower loaded on it.

Today, Cisco released 2.1.2 to the cloud for update which addresses that specific issue!

But wait, if you can’t log into the thing, how do you update your firmware so you can log into it?

First, you will need to downgrade your Flash Player to version 10.

To determine which version you are currently using visit here:

To download earlier versions of Adobe Flash visit here:

Once you have downgraded your browser to Adobe Flash Player 10 you will be able to log into UC320W Configuration Utility to perform the upgrade, and once complete can reinstall Adobe Flash Player v11.

The 2.1.2 firmware does not correct any other issues or add any features. If you are not experiencing login issues, you may want to hold off until 2.1.3 is released which does add some new functionality, or so we have heard!

Should you require assistance in updating or configuring your Cisco UC devices in the Greenville or Upstate, SC area, please give us a call at 864.990.4748 or email – We are a Cisco SMB partner!

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