Check out to see what may have been downloaded using your IP address

Visit this site and hopefully you will see something like this:


Are you sure you and your friends don’t work for the RIAA? Maybe Sony or Universal? Maybe you’re both just really good at covering your tracks. Either way, congratulations, neither you or your friends and family returned any results from our crawlers. Tonight, you can jump into bed, open up Netflix or iTunes and sleep comfortably knowing that you’ve been a well-behaved, law-abiding internet user. But remember, there’s always tomorrow.
There’s… always… tomorrow…

You Have Downloaded keeps tabs on who downloads what from torent sites. If I had a large company using one IP address, I would be checking that site regularly, in spite of having firewalls, filters, policies in place, just to make sure someone didn’t come knocking at my door because of one bad person on the network, or maybe because of a wireless access point that was not secured.


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