Are you sticking to that new year’s resolution to backup your computer or server data?


You were lucky enough to make it through 2011 without a catastrophic failure of a hard drive, data corruption, loss of a notebook computer, etc, but will 2012 be so kind?

If you are like so many people and businesses we work with, you are NOT backing up your data. Maybe it is too much trouble, or too expensive.

Just remember, the most expensive backup is the one you didn’t perform….

Let us help you plan a backup strategy for your company, or even your personal data. Whether it is a single notebook, or a fleet of them, a single server, or 50 virtualized servers, we have a solution for you that will fit in your budget, be easy to maintain and more importantly, easy to recover in the event you do lose data.

We have physical backup systems, such as tape based, removable disk cartridge (RDX), disk based and network based, including full backup servers which can mirror your mission critical data. We also provide multiple cloud based offsite storage solutions which we highly recommend, even if you already have on location, physical backups. Servosity, a local offering and MozyPro.

In addition, we are a Symantec partner and work closely with businesses who rely on Symantec’s Backup Exec and deduplication systems.

Using tape or removable disk storage and need a secure offsite storage provider who will help create a rotation? We can help with that. Our local partner provides a climate and magnetic controlled vault and delivery/pickup services.

End of life for tape or disk media? We partner with another local company, ShredDisk who will dispose of that media in a guaranteed unrecoverable manner.

Call us today at 864.990.4748 or email and we will help you with your data situation!

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