Here’s Something Neat! The NeatDesk Desktop Scanner Scans Business Cards, Receipts and More!


So many of us have stacks of papers all over our desks which are unnecessary…. Not the desks, the paper.

For example, I have business cards, receipts, invoices and a contract laying on my desk right now, all taking up valuable “real estate”. But I can’t throw any of it away. I have to put the business card contact information into my address book (Sometimes I use an app on my Android phone for that), and the invoices, I scan those in and keep a physical copy in a folder, and that contract will get filed away somewhere too. The receipts should go to Pamela, my wife, who keeps track of those.

If only there were a better way than getting up off my bottom and walking to the copier/scanner, arranging all the stuff on it and scanning to the desktop or email.

Enter the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner…

One of our clients needed a desktop solution (it may end up being nearly 50 of them now that they have seen it working) which would allow users to scan in their personal documents, so we took a serious look at the plethora of products available and settled on the the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner.

This is a small USB connected scanner measuring 7″x10.8″x.7.5″, however, do not be fooled by the small size as this thing packs a punch.

Out of the box it will let you dump in 10 receipts, 10 business cards and 10 sheets of paper and then, without loading any software at all, you can hit the PDF button and it will put it all in a folder on your computer which you specify after hitting the button.

It is amazingly fast, and as simple as can be.

Need to scan more than 10 pages at once? Not an issue, you just pull the insert out and load up to 10- pages at a time.  It can scan BOTH SIDES of the paper in one single pass.

The speed is more than acceptable at 25 pages per minute (50 if you scanning both sides at once) in monochrome. It cruises along at 8.5 in color.

It comes with document management software and it integrates with QuickBooks.

A Mac version is available!

If this type of scanner sounds right for your business, let us know, we can arrange a demo in our Greenville office or your Upstate business.  Call us at 864.990.4748 or email

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