No, you won’t lose access to the internet on March 8, 2012… #DNSChanger

If you're seeing red... Panic...

The top email question for me the last couple weeks has been, “What’s this about the internet going down on March 8th?”.

This is related to the DNS Changer malware which has permitted hackers to hijack web traffic and send it to their bogus sites and in the process, get millions of dollars from fraudulent advertisement revenue. The people responsible for this were caught by the FBI back in November of 2011.

This malware was quite prevalent last year, infecting half of all Fortune 500 companies and at least 27 government agencies (over 800,000 total computers), however, since then, the numbers have decreased to less than half a million computers according to DCWG‘s site.

The FBI had planned for the DNS servers which are affected to be replaced on March 8th, meaning anyone who is infected (including Mac users) would have been offline until their issues were fixed, however, yesterday (March 5, 2012), US District Court Judge Denis Cote extended the deadline for shutting down these servers until July 9, 2012 because it was believed more time was needed by authorities to eliminate DNS Changer from computers before their connections were lost.

To check if your computer is infected, you can visit THIS SITE.

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