Want to blog and have a few hundred to few thousand viewers? Inquire within… #IT #technology #blog

Okay, so I was thinking, as the traffic on this blog increases, maybe I could help out someone who has something important to say by allowing them to guest blog.

Our traffic ranges from a minimum of 500 hits per post, to over 10,000 visits.  With around 50 people getting the blog daily in their inbox, and another 200+ pulling it up in their RSS readers daily.

I can be sure that when I post something, it results in some kind of interaction. An email, a visit to a link I put in the post, a tweet, facebook post or mention, or even a phone call.

Why would you want to blog here? Maybe you are a great writer and want to get your material in front of people’s eyes. Maybe you have a strong opinion about digital copyright. Maybe you review computers or IT related components. Maybe you are a manufacturer or inventor of some great networkable gadget.

If you think this is for you, then shoot us an email, or reply here.  The pay is lousy, but at least the hours stink!

We’re looking for fun, exciting, or enlightening…  If it is just hawking some generic widget, then fuggetaboutit…  Let’s hear how you think 802.11* wireless networking can be used to let your toaster know where it is in the house, so if it will disconnect automatically if it is placed in the bathroom. (you probably shouldn’t be making breakfast while showering anyway).  Tell us why generic anti-virus shouldn’t be used in a business, or why your network was inadequate due to poor planning of the infrastructure.

People want to hear about your successes and your failures. Your cool products, and your not-so-cool products.

Your original material will get a small viewership, your portfolio will get fatter, and maybe, just maybe, someone will be the wiser for reading it.

There is no compensation involved, don’t ask. This blog is a love affair with rambling, nothing more. It is not monetized by me, nor will it ever be. No ads, no sold links.

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