228,000 South Carolina Medicaid records transferred to private email acct – Trend Micro WFBS might have stopped that

There’s a story in the news right now about the South Carolina Medicaid program losing control over 228k records.

From the versions of the story I have read, it appears that individual working there transferred these records to a private email account and then to another email account. The information includes names, Medicaid ID numbers (which are also Social Security numbers).

The story claims that new security measures are in place and that those who had data stolen will be offered identity theft help.

If your business or organization retains personal, private, financial and/or medical information, you owe it to your clients to do everything in your power to protect them. This applies to law, medical, dental, and accounting businesses, but also to other types of organizations you might not think of, such as a churches, which retain personal & financial information, including social security numbers.

Fortunately, protection does not have to expensive or difficult to work around.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Advanced (WFBS) offers the ability to lock down all computers running the software so an employee cannot insert a USB memory stick and transfer information from a workstation, while also giving the ability to forbid employees to surf to defined categories of websites, like personal or outside email providers (gmail for instance).

Additionally, Trend Micro WFBS Advanced can be configured to disallow sending of attached files, or even emails that contain social security numbers.

These are not add-on services, they are built into the software.

Homeland Secure IT is your partner for Trend Micro products in the Greenville / Upstate area, offering sales, support and consultation. Whether your business needs five licenses to protect 5 computers, or five thousand licenses to protect multiple servers, computers and even roaming notebooks, we can help!

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