Are you creative? I need a new name for this blog… Inquire within =)

Alrighty…  If you would like to help name this blog, please reply here, send me a note on facebook, twitter, or email, or catch me in person.

The “Blog-o-Rama” name was something to fill the space, but now that we have been here a while, and are getting hundreds, sometimes thousands of hits a day with subscribers, and regular visitors, it is time we had a proper name.

What is this blog about? Welllll, it is for the purpose of communicating with friends of mine, and clients of Homeland Secure IT, and just about anyone else who will listen.

We post everything from the mundane to the informative, from humor to music, technology to theatre.

Here are a few subjects we have covered:

  • Technology in general
  • Reviews of IT and electronic gadgets from computers to servers to storage to server room monitoring
  • Security patches, updates, vulnerabilities for operating systems, firewalls, and even a printer once
  • Promotional stuff for Homeland Secure IT, such as a special price on something
  • Theatre – We’ve covered reviews of several shows at The Warehouse Theatre in Greenville, SC
  • The Upstate – Events and happenings in the Greenville and Upstate SC area
  • Personal and family issues, from birthday and anniversary wishes to accomplishments in school
  • Ham radio, radio controlled vehicles and other hobbies
  • Cars – From an auto accident I was in to stuff for cars
  • Videos – Things posted from YouTube related to IT or computers, etc
  • Humor – The random joke, funny video will get posted
  • The Dockside Band – My band is covered here when we do something awesome, like play a great gig.
  • Topics related to Microsoft, Cisco, Lenovo, Toshiba, Symantec, Trend Micro, Nexlink, and a slew of our partners

The majority of posts involve IT, Computers, Servers, Networks, The Upstate & Greenville, SC, Technology, Gadgets and fun geeky stuff.

So what should we call the blog?  Let me know!


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  1. A couple of possible names for your blog: “I’ve Got News for You” or “Let Me Tell You”

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