Is your business computer network ready for IPv6?

This time it is for real...

Get ready for a slew of IPv6 news topics because World IPv6 Launch is right around the corner (June 6th, 2012).

This means that a boat-load of ISPs will be flipping the switch and enabling IPv6 permanently on or before this magic date. A quick google search for IPv6 news will turn up lots of articles posted in the last few days alone, such as:

These types of posts are growing in numbers rapidly.

But really, what does it mean for you?

Not to tell you that the sky is falling, but, hey, the sky is falling.  Not today, not next week, not in June, but yes, soon, your IPv4 technology will be outdated, and the smart IT administrator is currently working on a plan to migrate to IPv6.

Here’s the bad news for you:  Your old firewall or router may need to be ditched and new one purchased in order to have proper network routing. Some current firewalls and security routers that are sold today are not even compatible. And some computers and operating systems are not ready.

The good news is that many manufacturers such as Cisco, Linksys, WatchGuard, Sonicwall, Jupiter, and Zyxel have been preparing for this change-over for a while now. Microsoft has supported IPv6 for several years.

You are not without options.

If you would like to discuss how you can prepare for the inevitable, please give us a call at 864.990.4748 and arrange a consultation. You can also use our CONTACT form. We cover the Upstate and Greenville, SC area and are authorized dealers for more network and network security products and appliances.

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