SECURE IT ALERT: Technical Cyber Security Alert TA12-101A covers MS patches

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Homeland Secure IT Alert for Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

This is from the US-CERT team, reposted as received. If you require assistance with these Microsoft security updates, or any others, please call upon us at 864.990.4748 or use our handy CONTACT form.


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National Cyber Awareness System


Technical Cyber Security Alert TA12-101A



Microsoft Updates for Multiple Vulnerabilities


Original release date: April 10, 2012

Last revised: —

Source: US-CERT



Systems Affected


* Microsoft Windows

* Microsoft Internet Explorer

* Microsoft .NET Framework

* Microsoft Office

* Microsoft Server Software

* Microsoft SQL Server

* Microsoft Developer Tools

* Microsoft Forefront United Access Gateway





There are multiple vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Internet

Explorer, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Office, Microsoft

Server Software, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Developer Tools,

and Microsoft Forefront United Access Gateway.  Microsoft has

released updates to address these vulnerabilities.





The Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April 2012 describes

multiple vulnerabilities in Microsoft software. Microsoft has

released updates to address the vulnerabilities.





A remote, unauthenticated attacker could execute arbitrary code,

cause a denial of service, or gain unauthorized access to your

files or system.





Apply updates


Microsoft has provided updates for these vulnerabilities in the

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April 2012, which describes

any known issues related to the updates. Administrators are

encouraged to note these issues and test for any potentially

adverse effects. In addition, administrators should consider using

an automated update distribution system such as Windows Server

Update Services (WSUS). Home users are encouraged to enable

automatic updates.





* Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April 2012 –



* Microsoft Windows Server Update Services –



* Microsoft Update – <>


* Microsoft Update Overview –



* Turn Automatic Updating On or Off –




Revision History


April 10, 2012: Initial release




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email to <> with “TA12-101A Feedback VU#507275” in

the subject.



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