Amped Wireless releases industry’s most powerful dual band wi-fi repeater

Our partner, Amped Wireless, has announced what they call the industry’s most powerful dual band wi-fi repeater. Capable of extending ranges up to 10,000 square foot.

The new long-range, high power Wireless-N 600mW GIgabit Dual Band Wi-Fi Repeater is available now and can extend your network up to a quarter of an acre.

Amped SR20000G wi-fi repeater diagram

“Building materials and other electronic devices can all interfere with a wireless signal, distorting it and limiting its range,” stated Jason Owen, CEO at Amped Wireless. “By adding the SR20000G High Power, Wireless-N Gigabit Dual Band Repeater to your network, you are ensuring strong coverage throughout the home or workplace, allowing wireless devices roam and keep their connectivity. This product is a must have if you are looking for high performance signal boost and additional range for your connected TV, game console, tablet or smart phone.”

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the small business office and home office networking requirements, the SR20000G introduces a number of industry firsts, including:

  • The first repeater to include 5 gigabit networking ports for connecting PCs, A/V devices and game consoles at full speed
  • The first repeater to include USB port for sharing files over the local or extended networks

The first repeater to deliver long range, dual band speed of up to 600Mbps for smooth streaming of video, music and uninterrupted gaming across a number of devices, including: Game Consoles, iPads, Internet TVs, Notebooks, PCs, Smart Phones, Tablets, VoIP devices and more.

Built upon the Company’s award-winning Wi-Fi technology, the SR20000G is engineered with the latest state-of-the-art wireless features which includes:

  • Dual high power 2.4Ghz 600mW amplifiers, dual high power 5.0GHz amplifiers and dual low noise amplifiers for improving wireless reception
  • Dual High Gain 5dBi detachable dual band antennas
  • High speed 620MHz internal processor for faster networking
  • Simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz dual band 802.11n technology

The combination of advanced power amplifiers, wireless reception amplifiers and high gain antennas, provide users with a significant increase in signal strength over great distances to improve home or office Wi-Fi coverage.

The high power repeater includes premium features such as, guest networks, adjustable Wi-Fi coverage control, user access control and support for the latest Wi-Fi security protocols to secure your Wi-Fi experience.

All Amped Wireless products include industry leading, US based, in-house Elite Support, provided by Amped Concierges and the Wi-Fi Analytics App to assist users in optimizing Wi-Fi networks. In addition, the SR20000G is eligible for Amped Wireless’ Range Increase Guarantee Program. For more information, please visit:

Pricing and Availability
The new SR20000G High Power Wi-Fi Gigabit Dual Band Repeater retails for $179.99 (USD) and is available immediately.

Please call 864.990.4748 for more information regarding this or any other Amped product or use the CONTACT link from our navigation menu. We also offer installation and configuration of Amped products in the Greenville & Upstate South Carolina area.

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