Remote server room temperature monitor saves the day for our client!

AVTECH TemPageR remote temperature monitor for server room and data cente3rI’ve touted the benefits of having “eyes” on your server and other network components when they are in remote locations, such as a server room, or closet as the case may be at your business, and I have even discussed our partner’s products such AVTECH’s remote temperature and environmental monitors.  However, this week underscored the importance of these devices for one of our clients.

Greg received an email from a temperature sensor installed at a client’s location, exclaiming that it had hit the upper threshold that was set. It was over 80 degrees, very hot for a server room.

Greg logged into the monitoring system and determined that two sensors were both reading high, one indicated 82 degrees at the top of a rack, and one in the rack was still in the 70s, but climbing.

Without leaving his seat, he contacted the business, alerted them to the spike in temperature, which resulted in them quickly locating the cause and bringing the temp in the room back down.

The culprit was boxes stacked in front of the rack by another vendor, blocking the flow of air. Had we not been alerted, this situation would have quickly escalated beyond a simple inconvenience and into a full blown emergency. High temperatures can lead to component or even complete server failure, and costly downtime.

In essence, an temperature monitoring system that cost the client only a few hundred dollars, may have saved many thousands of dollars!

If you would like to be proactive and protect your network gear from disaster, please call us at 864.990.4748 or use our contact link above.  We can provide a full line of server and data room monitor products here in the Upstate and Greenville area of SC, along with installation and configuration. Temperature, humidity, air flow, intrusion, smoke, co2, water, video cameras and more are available!

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