Stolen health care laptop computer contained thousands of patient records… Another case for encryption!

Notebook computer thiefAnother day, another stolen computer in the news. This time the laptop computer stolen contained close to 10,000 Hartford Hospital and VNA HealthCare patient records.

A spokesperson for the Hartford, CT group has confirmed that the data included “names, Social Security numbers, Medicade and Medicare numbers, diagnosis and treatment records and other information.” and that the data was not encrypted, though there has been no indication that the information has been misused at this point. You can read the story here.

No matter what your computer contains, with theft on the rise, you may wish to consider encryption of files, folders or the entire hard drive and any removable media (USB external drives, flash drives).

Encryption is affordable, easy to use and will help secure sensitive data, in addition to keeping your business compliant with regulations and laws that cover your industry.

If you would like more information about how encryption can work for your business, corporation or even your personal computer, netbook, laptop, notebook, tablet or server, please call us at 864.990.4748 or use the handy CONTACT link in the navigation bar.




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