Apple Mac users should be aware of “super dangerous” drive-by Java exploit

Microsoft Windows users are well versed in malware and are armed with a plethora of ways to help protect themselves and their computer from becoming infected, such as:

  • Computer operating system updates downloaded and installed (Microsoft Windows)
  • Support application updates updated regularly (Java, Adobe, Microsoft Office)
  • Robust anti-virus and anti-malware installed and up to date
  • Backups of systems in place
  • Overall more refined browsing habits (awareness of dangers)

But their Apple Macintosh brothers and sisters in generally browse aimlessly, without seeming to care what may lay waiting for them at the next link.

This is exactly the type of behavior that hackers are hoping to exploit.

By taking advantage of the laid-back browsing habits, lack of urgency to install updates, and lack of awareness to the dangers, many Mac machines and their owners have already fallen victim to hackers pushing Flashback and other malware packages…

Here’s some more information over on Computer World


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